Meet Fred Lee

Doesn't always remember the punchline, but has a rye sense of humor!
We think of Fred Lee as a cross between Sam Malone (Cheers) and Horacio Cane (CSI Miami). A little cheesy, a little suave, and everyone likes him!

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...
Fred's father was a world-renowned culinary expert (much of Fred's wine knowledge comes from his dad). His mother specialized in antique motorcycle restoration and drove a Vespa.

Life Before Fridley Liquor...
Born in Fridley, Fred Lee was an army brat for the first decade of his life until his dad took a gunshot to the derriére. Too restless to settle down in one place, dad began traveling the world to compete in cooking competitions and became famous for the spicy flare in his gourmet brats and sloppy joes. After high school, Fred studied French poetry, renaissance art and auto mechanics, leading to an ecletic job history including art school teaching, motorcycle mechanics (his mother was so proud), bartending and freelance writing for various wine magazines. Now he shares his experience and love of all things alcohol-related with Fridley Liquor!
Fred Lee fisherman
Fred Lee bubbly
Fred's Faves...

Couch Potato Moments: Loves American Pickers (reminds him of mom)! Also, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and Impractical Jokers.

Movies He Can Watch 100 Times: The Usual Suspects (um... who doesn't like this movie???); The Breakfast Club (because there's a little bad-boy John Bender and nerdy Brian Johnson in all of us); and Pitch Perfect (Hey, don't knock it til you've watched it!)

Places He Can't Get Enough Of: Craft Beer Breweries (always different, always fun!)

Favorite Drink: Still trying them all - thorough research is very important, although he does relate to the Contrarian Smart-Axx Blowhard (shot of limoncello with a bit of whiskey).
How Can Fred Help You?
Next time you stop into Fridley Liquor, look throughout the store for Fred's helpful guides.
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