Civic Campus West Plaza

Project Overview 

The City of Fridley will be performing construction on the Civic Campus West Plaza during the summer and fall of 2021. The majority of the trail and sidewalk connections at the Civic Campus were completed in the fall of 2020, leaving the West Plaza as the final piece of land to be developed as part of the Civic Campus project. The vision for the West Plaza will be to serve as another community gathering space at the Civic Campus. The West Plaza will be connected to the existing trail system around the Civic Campus.  

The City will continue to inform the community on the construction and development of the Civic Campus West Plaza. Learn more about project including the concept plan in the additional sections below.

  1. Project Timeline
  2. Concept Plan
  3. Stay Informed
  4. Contacts

Project Timeline

The following is a list of the construction anticipated to be completed in 2021.

  • Site preparation and grading 
  • Irrigation installation 
  • Electrical installation 
  • Grass seeding 
  • Trail connections  

Once funding is secured, the following are additional amenities to be considered for installation at a later date.

  • Plantings of trees and shrubs  
  • Plaza surface
  • Concrete path
  • Seating such as benches, pergola, wall seating 
  • Signage 
  • Lighting
  • Stepping-stone path
  • Waterfall
  • Concessions trailer