2023-01 Street Rehabilitation Project

The 2023 Street Rehabilitation Project is proposed for construction in 2023 and  involves the rehabilitation of various asphalt/street segments and minor repairs to utilities in the South Industrial neighborhood. . 

Street and utility improvements typically occur from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, and can temporarily limit driveway access during certain construction phases. 

Project Area

  • Great Northern Industrial Center (51st Way, 52nd Way, Industrial Boulevard, Ashton Avenue, East River Road Service Drive)
  • Stinson Boulevard (73rd Avenue to Osborne Road)
  • Cheri Lane (680' North of 53rd Avenue to Fillmore Street)
  • Fillmore Street (Cheri Lane to 53rd Avenue)
  • East River Road West Service Drive (Southern Termini to Northern Termini in front of Georgetown Apartments/The Estates at Fridley


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ST2023-01 Project Map