Pet Licenses 

The City of Fridley requires all dogs over the age of six months be licensed and vaccinated against rabies (City Code Section 101.07). We do not require cats to be licensed.

By applying for a license, the owner acknowledges that it is their responsibility to keep the dog’s rabies vaccination current once the license is issued. Fridley dog licenses are issued for the lifetime of the dog, or until its ownership is transferred within Fridley. The license fee is $25.

Fill out an online application 

Download step-by-step instructions for filling out an online pet license application.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 763-571-3450 or

How to Fill Out a Dog License Application

  1. Log in or create an account on CitizenServe. "Citizen" is a good account type to use. Only items marked by a red vertical line are required. 
  2. Select Services, then Business Licenses and finally, Apply for a License.
  3. Set Sub Type to Lifetime Dog License.
  4. Fill out address.
  5. Enter pet information. You will need to upload a current, front-facing photo of your pet as well as rabies vaccine documentation. If your pet is micro-chipped, you will need to supply the microchip number as well as the manufacturer name.
  6. Hit Submit and you will receive a confirmation email.
  7. License and metal tag will be mailed to owner.

*Step by step PowerPoint (PDF) is also available. 

Additional information

  • The City allows for up to three dogs or cats (or a combination) at any residence. For properties with 4 or more pets, a Multiple Pet License is available. To apply for a Multiple Pet License, you must first have a Lifetime Dog License. 
  • There is no hunting allowed in the city.
  • Prohibited animals include any non-domesticated animal or animal that is wild in nature or disposition including large cats (lions, tigers, cougars, etc), membors of the Candiae family (wolves, foxes, coyotes, dingoes and jackals), skunks, raccoons, bears, badgers, poisonous snakes, pit vipers or constrictors. 
  • You must apply for and be granted a license to have any kind of livestock. Each case will be determined on an individual basis  determined by factors such as property type and size, fences, sanitation control and housing of the animal(s).

Complete details on the city code (law) regarding Animal Control is available in Chapter 101 of Fridley’s City Code.
For additional information, call City Hall at 763-571-3450.

Lost Pets

Stray animals are picked up by our Community Service Officers (CSO) and are taken to Coon Rapids Animal Humane Society located at 1411 Main Street NE in Coon Rapids. If you lost a pet without tags, please contact the kennel at 952-435-7738 to see if it is in their care. 

Owners are responsible for any fees or costs incurred while at the Humane Society. The City of Fridley is not responsible for the costs of housing, feeding or care while being housed.

Look Up a License

Find a lost dog? Our Citizen Serve portal allows people to look up dog owner information by the metal dog tag number located on the collar. Go to and select Reports.