Fire Code & Inspections

It is the City's goal to visit each business within our community with the intent to assist you in identifying issues that could produce a fire or other emergency. The intent of the visit is to make your business and the City of Fridley safer for everyone; and to educate you and your employees in fire safety and the Minnesota State Fire Code. We can assist you with all your questions and make this a positive visit for you. A national statistic shows that of all the businesses that sustain a fire, over 65 percent of them never return to business. Their customers do business with other vendors while they try to get back up and running or they simply do not have the insurance to fully cover them. With proper fire education and training, we can greatly reduce the chances of this happening to you. The Fire Code is covered in Chapter 108 of the Fridley City Code.

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You can find out which code violations are most common and prepare for your inspection using this list of common code violations:

Common Code Violations

The following is a list of the most common fire code violations. This list is intended as a guide to assist business owners in identifying common fire and life safety hazards. It does not list all possible code requirements.

  1. Exit/Egress
  2. Sprinkler & Fire Alarms
  3. Fire Extinguishers
  4. Electrical Hazards
  5. Flammable & Combustible Liquids
  6. Miscellaneous


  • Exits are blocked, not operational or not properly placed,
  • Exit signs are not lit or are damaged.
  • Exit doors have unapproved locks on them.
  • There are no exit signs.
  • There is no emergency lighting to illuminate the exit system.
  • There are no address numbers on the exterior of the building.