School Pedestrian Crossings


The school pedestrian crossing sign is intended for use at established crossings including signal Pedestrian Crossing Signs locations used by pupils going to and from school, except that at crossings controlled by stop signs, the sign should be omitted. Only crossings adjacent to schools and those on established school pedestrian routes shall be signed.

Whenever a school pedestrian sign is used, a school advance crossing sign must also be installed.

The school crossing advance sign may be used in advance of school crossings where the school crossing location sign is absent; i.e. stop sign.

Should a request from the school district exceed compliance standards, as stated in the current Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, it will be the responsibility of the School District to absorb the cost of requested traffic devices and controls.


These signs are intended to warn motorists of a potential pedestrian/motorist conflict that may call for a reduction in speed. They are not intended to regulate speed.


Requests for signs related to school pedestrian crossings will be considered by the jurisdiction of the School District. The City will forward requests to the School District and react to their recommendations based upon their conformity to federally recommended guidelines.