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  1. ADA Transition Plan Comment Card

    Please use this form to provide feedback on the ADA Transition Plan.

  2. Autumn Sampler Order Form

    View products, their regular price and event price, as well as submit orders for the items.

  3. Neighborhood Meeting Questions
  4. Submit Your Photos of Fridley
  1. Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Grievance Form
  2. Become a Firefighter
  3. Police Reserve Unit

    Application for those interested in becoming a Fridley police reserve officer.

  4. Subscribe to Volunteer Opportunities and Updates

    Receive information through an e-newsletter on volunteer opportunities, news and updates.

Water Meter Readings

  1. Enter Your Water Meter Reading Online

    Instead of mailing in your reading card, you can report your water meter reading right here. After your meter reading card is received... More…