Zoning Information

Zoning is a set of laws regulating how property is used and the size and location of buildings on a lot. In Fridley, this helps us create neighborhoods and business districts and industrial areas.

Zoning decisions in Fridley are determined by a join effort between the Community Development Department, Planning Commission and the City Council.

We have a number of online tools to help you with zoning information and needs.

Self-Serve Zoning: This interactive map allows you to see how areas of Fridley are zoned, search by address and print a map of a property showing its zoning. You can also find taxpayer information on a specific property and the legal description.

Fridley Zoning Map: download, view and/or print a color-coded map showing the various zoning districts throughout the city.

View/Download the full City of Fridley Zoning Code

For more information or questions on zoning, give us a call at (763) 572-3592.

Developing your Business in Fridley

Fridley's Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) can offer assistance with locating your business in Fridley. Services include:

  • Business site selection assistance
  • Local tax structure and tax increment financing districts data and analysis
  • Guidance on available City programs and other programs for various types of projects
  • Redevelopment process assistance
  • Coordination/implementation of special service districts
  • Real estate transactions
  • Private activity bond issuance or refinancing
  • Business relocation/expansion assistance
  • Redevelopment contract negotiations
  • Home improvement demonstration project

To get started, give Paul Bolin a call at (763) 572-3591.