Terrace Park


Address 6735 7th Street NE
Start Date 2028-2029
End Date TBD
Current Status Implementation Planning
Park Type Neighborhood Park
Size 3.5 acres
Special Use None

Current Status

Neighborhood park servicing neighborhood #18 and contains a single tennis court, ballfield and playground. This neighborhood also has access to Civic Center Campus and Playground, Locke County Park, the Rice Creek West Regional Trail and Meadowlands Park.


General recommendations includes replacement of existing amenities was necessary for an improved recreational experience.

Recommendations include:

  • Landscape enhancements & screening
  • General ballfield improvements (infield, fencing, benches)
  • Low-grow ballfield lawn
  • New trails to create internal loop to connect to amenities
  • Replace playground equipment meeting varying age groups
  • ADA compliant playground surfacing (engineered wood fiber)
  • Concrete playground border
  • Site furnishings with common characteristic (benches, tables, receptacles, bike racks, drinking fountain, etc.)
  • Picnic shelter with two tables
  • Improve tennis court as necessary
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Security light


View the full Terrace Park recommendation (PDF)

Current Conditions

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