Property Information & Maps

Helpful Property Information Tools

Use these links to help locate public information on a specific property.
  • Mapping/Self-Serve Zoning: This interactive map allows you to see how areas of Fridley are zoned, search by address and even print a zoning certificate. You can also find taxpayer information on a specific property and the legal description.
  • Property Files: Access various records related to the property history including building permits, land use applications and permissions granted by the city.
  • Property Information Search: Access basic property data including code violations, dog licensing and other public information.
  • Fridley Zoning Map: download, view and/or print a color-coded map showing the various zoning districts throughout the city.
  • Special Assessments
  • Floodplain Map: this map tool allows for approximate comparisons of old 100-year flood boundaries directly to the new FEMA map boundaries.
  • Locate Property Pins: download, view and/or print a document outlining how to find our property pins.
  • Anoka County Property Search: Search by parcels by PIN number or address to view detailed property information.