Recycling Drop-off Days

Fridley residents will have five opportunities for free and reduced recycling of bulky items--electronics, appliances, mattresses and more- in 2023. Receive $50* off your total with Fridley ID (Driver's License, Mail, or Utility Bill). Free paper shredding is offered at every event.


2023 Drop-off days

  • March 11, 8 am-12 pm
  • May 13, 8 am-12 pm 
  • July 8, 8 am-12 pm 
  • September 9, 8 am-12 pm
  • November 11, 8 am-12 pm

*Prices subject to change, check back for the most up to date pricing.
 Cash or check only

Route Change!

Due to construction at 99th Ln and Highway 65, please reach the facility from 101st Ave via Baltimore St to 99th Ln.

rti alternate route

Drop-off Location

Recycle Technologies, Inc. (formerly known as Green Lights Recycling), 1525 99th Lane NE, in Blaine

Directions:  Take Highway 65 north to 99th Lane and turn right. Enter site on left, after the curve.

Items Accepted for Free

Item Limit per Event? 
Handheld-held Electronics (cell phones, laptops*, cables, cords, servers, tablets*) No 
Small Electronics (DVD/VCR players, consoles, computer towers, blenders, toaster ovens, landline phones, etc.) No
Electronic Media (VHS tapes, cassette tapes, CDs, floppy disks [removal of items from plastic casings is requested but not required]) No
Secure Paper Shredding Yes, 4 boxes 
Fluorescent Lights** Yes, 10
Small Engines / Scrap Metal*** (lawn mower, snow plow, generator, metal fencing, charcoal grill, posts, gutters) No 
Batteries****   No
Bicycles No

Items Accepted for a Fee
* Discount: Take $50 Off Your Total On Items Below *

Item Fee
Refrigerators/freezers*****, ovens, vacuums,
washing machines/driers, dishwashers
Humidifier and microwaves $15
Dehumidifier $23
Water Heaters/Softeners 
Empty of water/salt $15
Not empty of water/salt $25
AC Units $20-30
Window units $20
Ground units $30
Mattresses/Boxsprings $20-25
Standard $20
King/Pillowtop/Extra Thick $25
TV/ Monitor
Up to 17" $20
18" to 31" $30
32"and greater $55
Console TV $85
Rear projection $85
+Broken Screen +$20
Printers $10-95
Residential inkjet, fax machine, scanner $10
All-In-One, Residential Laser Jet $35
Commercial $95
Exercise Equipment $25-40
Non-Electric $25
Electric $40
Tires $2.25-9
Car $7
SUV/Truck $9
Rims $2.25
18-wheeler TBD
Fire/Grilling Accessories**
Fire extinguisher $30
Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detector****** $25
Propane tank- 1 lb (must be empty) $6
Propane tank- 20 lb (must be empty) $20
Propane BBQ grill (no tank) $15
Propane BBQ grill (tank) $35

Recycle Technologies, Inc. is open during regular business hours; however, pricing will be different than at drop-off events. Call Recycle Technologies, Inc directly at 763-785-0456 to learn more or visit the Anoka County Recycling Directorfor other disposal options.

*Tablets or laptops with hard drives are $7

**Fluorescent light bulbs must be disposed of at a specialized facility like Recycle Technologies, Inc. because they contain hazardous materials. LED light bulbs may be recycled at a drop-off facility or disposed of in the trash. Incandescent and halogen light bulbs should be disposed of in the trash. No light bulbs are accepted in curbside recycling.

***Must be drained of all fluids with all non-metal parts removed

****Reusable batteries must be disposed of at a specialized facility like Recycle Technologies, Inc. due to the potential for ignition in garbage trucks. Single use batteries may be recycled at a drop-off facility or disposed of in the trash. No batteries are accepted in curbside recycling.

*****If you are looking to get ride of a working refrigerator, check out Xcel Energy's rebate program, where they will pay you $30 and pick up the fridge from your home:

******The manufacturer of the smoke detector should accept the smoke detector for no cost; we recommend calling the manufacturer for more direction

All other residential hazardous waste should be disposed of at the Anoka County Household Hazardous Waste Facility.