Recycling Drop-off Days

Fridley residents will have five opportunities for free and reduced recycling of bulky items--electronics, appliances, mattresses and more- in 2024. Receive $50* off your total with Fridley ID (Driver's License, Mail, or Utility Bill). Free paper shredding is offered at every event.


2024 Drop-off days

  • March 9, 8 a.m. - noon
  • May 11, 8 a.m. - noon
  • July 13, 8 a.m. - noon
  • September 14, 8 a.m. - noon
  • November 9, 8 a.m. - noon

*Prices subject to change, check back for the most up to date pricing.
 Cash or check only

Drop-off Location

Recycle Technologies, Inc. (formerly known as Green Lights Recycling), 1525 99th Lane NE, in Blaine

Directions:  Take Highway 65 north to 99th Lane and turn right. Enter site on left, after the curve.

Items Accepted for Free

Item Limit per Event? 
Handheld-held Electronics (cell phones, laptops*, cables, cords, servers, tablets*) No 
Small Electronics (DVD/VCR players, consoles, computer towers, blenders, toaster ovens, landline phones, etc.) No
Secure Paper Shredding Yes, 4 boxes 
Fluorescent Lights** Yes, 10
Small Engines / Scrap Metal*** (lawn mower, snowblower, generator, metal fencing, charcoal grill, posts, gutters) No 
Batteries****   No
Bicycles No

Items Accepted for a Fee
* Discount: Take $50 Off Your Total On Items Below *

Item Fee
Refrigerators/freezers, ovens, vacuums,
washing machines/driers, dishwashers
Humidifier and microwaves $15
Dehumidifier $23
Water Heaters/Softeners 
Empty of water/salt $15
Not empty of water/salt $25
AC Units $20-30
Window units $20
Ground units $30
Mattresses/Boxsprings $20-25
Standard $20
King/Pillowtop/Extra Thick $25
TV/ Monitor
Up to 17" $20
18" to 31" $30
32"and greater $55
Console TV $85
Rear projection $85
+Broken Screen +$20
Printers $10-95
Residential inkjet, fax machine, scanner $10
All-In-One, Residential Laser Jet $35
Commercial $95
Exercise Equipment $25-40
Non-Electric $25
Electric $40
Tires $2.25-9
Car $7
SUV/Truck $9
Rims $2.25
18-wheeler TBD
Fire/Grilling Accessories**
Fire extinguisher $30
Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detector***** $25
Propane tank- 1 lb (must be empty) $6
Propane tank- 20 lb (must be empty) $20
Propane BBQ grill (no tank) $15
Propane BBQ grill (tank) $35

Recycle Technologies, Inc. is open during regular business hours; however, pricing will be different than at drop-off events. Call Recycle Technologies, Inc directly at 763-785-0456 to learn more or visit the Anoka County Recycling Directorfor other disposal options.

*Tablets or laptops with hard drives are $7

**Fluorescent light bulbs must be disposed of at a specialized facility like Recycle Technologies, Inc. because they contain hazardous materials. LED light bulbs may be recycled at a drop-off facility or disposed of in the trash. Incandescent and halogen light bulbs should be disposed of in the trash. No light bulbs are accepted in curbside recycling.

***Must be drained of all fluids with all non-metal parts removed

****Reusable batteries must be disposed of at a specialized facility like Recycle Technologies, Inc. due to the potential for ignition in garbage trucks. Single use batteries may be recycled at a drop-off facility or disposed of in the trash. No batteries are accepted in curbside recycling.

*****The manufacturer of the smoke detector should accept the smoke detector for no cost; we recommend calling the manufacturer for more direction

All other residential hazardous waste should be disposed of at the Anoka County Household Hazardous Waste Facility.