Resident Survey

Survey Overview & Methodology 

In 2021, the City of Fridley conducted a survey of 400 Fridley residents. The survey was designed to assess the quality of life in Fridley, and measure resident satisfaction with current city services and city staff. It also included questions to help give direction to City staff around city services. This work was contracted through The Morris Leatherman Company. 

The last time the City conducted a survey of Fridley Residents was in 2013. You can learn more about previous surveys of Fridley residents in the “Previous Fridley Resident Surveys” section. 


The Morris Leatherman Company randomly selected 400 households to answer the survey by phone from February 25 to March 30, 2021. Survey responses were gathered by professional interviewers and the average interview time was 30 minutes. 

All households in the City had an equal chance of being selected and the adult respondent in each household was also chosen randomly. Morris Leatherman randomly selected from households that had only landlines, only cellphones, as well as households with both landlines and cellphones. The households that were randomly sampled for the survey were demographically representative of the community across various demographics such as age, renting versus owning a home, household income, gender, race, and city ward. 

The Morris Leatherman Company did not ask for names of residents who were being interviewed and does not share with the City the phone numbers that were contacted for the Resident Survey. 

You can learn more about the survey methodology in the 2021 Fridley Results Presentation (PowerPoint) and 2021 Executive Summary (PDF). 

Resident Survey Results 

Fridley residents are overall satisfied with the community and give comparatively high ranks on most aspects of city operations and services. When it comes to quality of life in the City of Fridley, 97 percent of Fridley residents surveyed rated their quality of life as either “excellent” or “good”, which is a 9 percent increase in seven years. 

Key themes from the resident surveys results include: 

  • Quality of Life
  • Community Identity and Relationship Building
  • Vibrant Neighborhoods and Places
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Public Safety
  • Communications & Engagement
  • Financial Stability 

 You can learn even more about the survey results and these key themes from the following documents.  

Additional Information

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Previous Fridley Resident Surveys

The City of Fridley last conducted a resident survey through The Morris Leatherman Company in December of 2013. You can learn more about the results from the 2013 survey from the following documents.